Alerts are a handy element you can drop into a form or inline on a page to communicate success, warnings, failure or just information. They’ll conform to 100% of the container width you put them in.

This is a regular panel.

It has an easy to override visual style, and is appropriately subdued.

This is a callout panel.

It’s a little ostentatious, but useful for important content or any other anounces that you are going to make.

Building panels using our predefined class isn’t hard at all. You’ll start with <div> and add a class of .panel to it. From there, you just need to add content inside, anything will do.

Available HTML class options:

Adding .callout to your panel will make it our default blue and add a shiny top edge to help it stand out.

You may also you .radius to add a tasteful border-radius to thie mix.